10 tips to format your CV for success!

Do you need to update your curriculum vitae?

If you’ve been reflecting on 2017 and feel you’re ready for a job or career change in 2018, here are 10 tips to format your CV.

For a professional and visually appealing CV that will impress:

  1. keep it brief: CVs should generally be 1-2 pages long. Executive level CVs can extend up to 4 pages. Be succinct, keeping only the important information.
  2. select an easy-to-read font: Choose 1-2 complementary fonts that are easy-to-read and match the mood of your CV.
  3. use a readable font size: Your font should be no smaller than 8 points. Use a larger font for impact, such as making your name stand out.
  4. keep white space: Dense blocks of text are hard to read. Give paragraphs and headings generous spacing so readers can easily scan for important information.
  5. be consistent with styles: Uniform styling will make your CV easier to read - if you style your job titles in bold, check they are bold throughout.
  6. use colour sparingly: Black and white can achieve a clean minimal look, but if  you're wanting to add colour for visual interest or to portray your creativity, stick to 1-2 colours.
  7. check page size and margins: Your CV needs to be suitable to be read on screen and in print. If you’ve downloaded a CV template to use, check the page size is A4 (not US Letter). Margins should be no smaller than the narrow setting (1.27 cm) to ensure easy printing.
  8. check accuracy: Be sure to proof-read and edit your CV before sending it. Check spelling, grammar, tenses, names of companies. If using hyperlinks, check they are correctly linked.
  9. check accuracy: Yes, this appears TWICE because you should always double-check your CV before hitting send. Ask a friend, family member or professional to look over it with a fresh set of eyes.
  10. send in the format requested: Follow the instructions in the job posting. Some recruiters specify Word only. If not specified, PDF is the best option. Include your name in the filename i.e. CV_Zoe_Hindle.pdf.

This is your opportunity to market yourself – make sure your CV reflects your personal brand and gets you the interview.

If you’d like help getting your CV formatted, I'd love to help you develop a tailored CV you can be proud to submit.